Easy Tiger

There are so many cute places to eat on Smith Street – and Easy Tiger is one of them.  Take a peek inside – the interior looks oh-so-inviting, modern eatery schmick with a hint of cool. On a recent visit with a couple of friends, we came across some big hits – and a couple of small misses.

From the outset, the waiter tells us Easy Tiger is ‘all about sharing’ – so why are the serving sizes not so share-friendly? At $25-$30 a main, I was expecting more. There’s enough to go around our small group of three, but I get the feeling we’re being polite (‘Oh no, I’m getting full – why don’t you have the rest?’).  The salt and pepper silken tofu, listed under ‘street food’, comes dressed with a smoked eggplant and sesame soy tapenade, which is delicate in appearance and very strong in taste. But we can’t help feeling a little hard done by trying to share just two very small pieces of tofu. We also sample the betel leaf with prawn, peanuts and coconut, and I have an oyster with red chilli nahm jim – both are nice.

Happily, we order a couple of winners. The king oyster mushrooms with rolled rice noodles are great – beautiful big flavours, rich with mushrooms and lovely chewy rolls of rice noodle.  The son-in-law eggs are also good, as is the penang curry of pumpkin.

I’m still feeling hungry, so I order dessert. This too is a absolute cracker – coconut sago pudding topped with a clear jelly of agar agar and a lovely crispy, very caramalised banana and a palm sugar sauce.

So, order well and you won’t be disappointed, but stray the path and you might end up feeling once bitten, twice shy.

Easy Tiger
99 Smith Street, Collingwood



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2 responses to “Easy Tiger

  1. Arty Graffarti

    YES! what is with their constant sharing initiative? me and my galpal [www.mouthtomouthfood.com] went there not long ago and we were like oh we share between each other anyway and they gave US an odd look. gimme a break, some of those definately aren’t big enough for sharing, especially for a big boy like me. despite this, the food is really good and to be honest, I can’t believe you didn’t get the mosier truffe choc/pandan leaves, amazing. also its a good feed, but I couldnt help but think I wanted to be at Gingerboy….

    nice review! 🙂

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